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SVP offers customers the option of having their DVD mailed to their home. This option is only available at the consent of the dance studio hiring SVP. SVP reserves the right to charge a shipping and handling fee for customers choosing to have their DVD mailed directly to their home. In most instances, SVP states that the home mailing option will ensure the customer received their DVD before the dance studio receives the remainder of the DVD's, for those who opt to pick up their DVD at the dance studio. SVP states that the customer will receive their DVD UP TO 4 weeks sooner than the dance studio. This means it can be any amount of time (i.e. 1minute or several weeks) sooner than the dance studio. This guarantee is based upon the time the DVD is shipped. SVP cannot be responsible for postal delivery times, holidays or delays that may cause the DVD to arrive later than stated. SVP cannot be responsible for DVD's not received when stated, due to incomplete or wrong addresses supplied by the customer. In the event that a dance studio chooses to proof a DVD before SVP may make copies to distribute, it shall render any delivery guarantees null and void, as SVP has no control over the time a dance studio takes to proof a DVD or how quickly they will request the finished order after proofing. 

By signing the DVD purchase order form, the customer is acknowledging and agreeing to all applicable SVP policies, as stated on each order form. 

SVP makes no guarantees of quality due to the nature of the event, whereas SVP has no control over lighting, audio operation, costuming, background, camera placement, audience movement or choreography. SVP strives for optimum quality and service.

SVP does not offer refunds. SVP will accept exchanges on defective DVD's and will replace the defective DVD with a new DVD. In such instances, the customer must return the defective DVD to SVP. Defective DVD's must be reported to SVP within 60 days of receipt of DVD. DVD's returned after the 60 day period may be assesed a fee of $10. SVP will not replace DVD's that have been altered, copied, or damaged by the customer.

Bonus footage is only available for certain studios. The bonus close-up footage is a digital file. You will receive a link by email by which you can download the footage. We make no guarantees that you will see additional footage of your child specifically. We can only make it known that usually there will be additional footage that is not on the DVD and that your child may be part of that footage. Usage of footage contained in the digital file adheres to the copyrights of the choreogrpaher(s) and owner of the dance studio and if you have any questions about such, you should contact the owner of the dance studio / the choreographer directly.

Those choosing the One Time Bonus Offer will be charged $1.27 every month. You may cancel at any time by emailing us at SignatureVideo@gmail.com . To qualify for the free replacement DVD option, you must be on the monthly subscription for at least a full 12 months. Digital stills are taken from video. This can give us some great shots, but it also limits quality. This image is not intended for print, nor do we guarantee quality. These images are great for social media, for sharing with friends and family. Your child's name will be added to the DVD case insert with the spelling you provide. Those who make an error in spelling and still wish to have a new insert with their child's name may receive an email of the insert to print and cut themselves, for free, or may pay a $4 charge and have a new one printed and shipped to their home. Close up footage is unedited and is of at least 90% of the event, usually 100% of the event. Usually people are able to see images of their child that were not on the DVD. Sometimes there will be many new images, sometimes (rarely) there may be none. We cannot make any guarantees on how much additional screen time you will get of your child in the close up footage. SVP will continue to charge the monthly fee unless or until the subscriber cancels or SVP is no longer the video company for the dance studio the subscriber's child attends. Your credit card will either reflect Dance Video Experts or Dance Subscription or both.